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Testimonials - Diesel LPG Injection

The more miles covered the greater the savings!!


Ford F250 7.3ltr V8 Turbo Diesel.

Power and economy have increased, towing heavy trailers to Western Australia (4,000klms), and back with no issues and ability to hold higher gears and tow easily all with increasing economy.

2011 Isuzu Truck 5.1litre 4cyl.

Now saving 4l-5l/100klm of Diesel, can now stay in 6th gear towing

4-5ton @100klm/h with LPG Injection, whereas before, Diesel only, would drop down to 90 km/h and also slow in head winds.

Hino Truck 6.6l 6cyl—Now with LPG blend Injection enables vehicle to hold speed on hills reducing gear shifts and an increase in economy.  

Isuzu Tow Truck  I used a Tank of Diesel a day (170litres) as the truck is on the road most of the time, now I use a tank of Diesel in 1 and ¾ days with LPG added.  Torque is very noticeable when loaded and economy has increased around 20-25%

Hino Winnebago Camper Bus – I added LPG mainly for power, highway cruising and up hills, now the bus feels smoother, quieter and is able to hold speed up hills with no need to down change gears, and an  added bonus is an

      increase in range of my Diesel Tank.

Hino 6.6litre School Bus – I was after a power/torque increase with LPG Injection and I got it, bus feels a lot smoother to drive, more torque, holds on hills and engine oil is a lot cleaner between servicing