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Diesel LPG Injection
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Extend your fuel range

On average fuel range increase 10-40%

Open road driving can reduce your fuel cost by 25%

Increase your mid range power/torque—Great for Towing

QUALITY LPG SYSTEM with Safety features.

Our System is developed in Australia for Local conditions utilizing

Gas Injection Technology

High Quality, Fast acting LPG Injector

Australian made and designed LPG Electronics

Engine Protection Incorporating

Exhaust Temperature Thermocouple

Water Temperature

LPG Pressure


CYLINDER SIZE and location.

Due to the overall efficiency a small 20 litre LPG cylinder is sufficient.

Talk to your installer re the best option for you.


Diesel Engines in general are quite in efficient in their operation .

Approximately 20% of the diesel that enters the combustion chamber is

passed unburnt through to the exhaust system (Black Smoke).

This is due to high combustion temperatures. By adding a small amount of LPG

into the air stream we can combust this unburnt fuel, increasing engine

efficiency and Power and Torque.

The benefits are, lower Emissions (Lower Carbon footprint), increased range

and Power.


By increasing engine Power and Torque we don't have to have our foot down

on the throttle so much. By backing off on the throttle we use less fuel .

Simple stuff!


More often than not we need to select a lower gear or we start to slow down

when approaching hills. With the extra power on tap navigating these

situations is easy!


Over the years we have all heard of tragic engine problems once converted to

LPG. The diesel engine is expensive to repair so protection is most important.

The Peel Electronics are designed entirely around protecting the engine.

We only inject a small amount of LPG and only do so during mid range driving


Our system incorporates

Exhaust temperature monitoring

Water temperature monitoring

In the event of these increasing out the specified range the LPG system is automatically

turned OFF, protecting your engine.

Diesel LPG Injection Notes—

Common Rail— Peel ECU Processor Reference: Diesel Injector Signal

Benefits- Economy…...Power…..Emmisions…..

*Hilux 3.0ltr 4cyl Common Rail –Highway Economy went from 650klm range to 900klm range (+40%) using 17 litres

LPG. City cycle approx. 100km increase in range depending on driving style. Power increase approx 12-

14Rwkw and Torque 30Nm.

Some Common Rail vehicles (Navara) utilize a higher Diesel Fuel combustion Ratio lowering the advantage of

LPG Injection. However testing is underway on reducing Diesel Input and replacing with LPG. **Nissan Navara

Diesel only Highway economy 11.5l/100km, with LPG Injection 9.39l/100. City cycle 10-10.5l/100km with LPG.

Power Increase 12Rwkw and 20-30Nm.

Other Common Rail vehicles have fitted LPG Injection with varying results, such as F250 7.3ltr, Toyota L/Cruiser

4.5ltr V8, Mitsu– Triton 3.0ltr, Nissan Patrol 3.0ltr. These vehicles all show a substantial power/Torque increase.

A definite increase in Highway economy of between 20—40%, City Economy of between 10-20%.

Other vehicles comments/specs.

03’ F250 7.3ltr—(replaced ‘other’ LPG system) power and economy increased, towing heavy trailers to WA and

back with no issues and ability to hold higher gears and tow easily all with increasing economy.

2 x Hiluxs travelling together doing same trip, Diesel only Hilux runs out of Diesel and LPG Hilux still has 1/3 of Diesel

Tank left when they both fill up.

Emissions—A Toyota Hilux 2008 passed emissions at Vipac Testing Facility with 0.3 Particulate Levels (or Half

the Euro 3 Limit of 0.6) with a reduced blend of LPG.

Mechanical InjectionPeel ECU Processor Ref: Tacho or Frequency from Crank Angle or Alternator

Benefits- Economy…...Power…..Emissions…..

Mechanical Injection Diesel Engines (Non-Common Rail) allow for a higher % of LPG Injection than Common Rail.

The Tacho pickup on Diesel Engines varies widely, please see list attached for specific software suited to that vehicles

Tacho/Frequency Pickup. If the vehicle is not listed advise Peel of Frequency generated by Tacho Pickup or

an Alternator pickup maybe used (and for stand alone engines) for programming software accordingly (best to advise

Tacho Pickup Frequency before vehicle is converted, or contact us here to advise best course of action).

Some vehicles that have LPG Injection added— and comments/specs.

05’ Nissan Patrol 4.2ltr 6cyl. 20Rwkw 100-150klm range increase. (replaced other LPG system not working)

06’ Toyota L/Cruiser 4.2ltr 6cyl 19Rwkw 100-150klm “ “ .

01’ “ “ “ “ Saving 4l/100klm of Diesel towing a caravan on 8,000klm trip.

11’ Isuzu Truck 5.1litre 4cyl. Saving 4l/100klm of Diesel, can now stay in 6th gear towing 4-5t @90klm/h

Hino Truck 6.6l and Hino Camper Bus 7.0litre—LPG enables both vehicles to hold speed on hills reducing gear

shifts and an increase in economy.

06’ Rodeo –3.0ltr 12Rwkw and approx.100klm range increase (standard 380-400klm) with heavy load on board.

94’ Toyota Surf—Engine used to be smokey now LPG has cleaned most of the sooting and given me more power

88’ Tow Truck—LPG increase power when towing vehicles compared to Diesel only.

*760km Test on 2008 Hilux Diesel only, economy 11.51l/100km, same test with LPG Injection 8.33l/100km.

** “ “ “ Navara “ “ “ 11.5/100km, “ “ “ “ “ 9.39l/100km

DIESEL KIT INCORPORATES – ECU, Thermocouple, Loom and Sw/Gauge.

Also, available Regulator, Map Sensor and Injector calibrated, tested and approved by Peel