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LPG Electronics

Injector and O2 Emulators

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CP20 O2 Emulator

Emulates Oxygen sensor signal to existing vehicles PCM.
Oscillates square wave Voltage from approx. 0.3Volts – 0.8Volts,
providing an average of approx 0.5Volts

Suited for BA Falcon to emulate Tacho Pulse to gas ECU on Cranking.
CP202 – VZ 3.6ltr V6 –

Emulator for 02 Sensor Fault Codes.
This unit emulates by proportioning Injector pulses to 02 operation. Thus, eliminating any 02 or Inj. Fault Codes. Note: CP202 Includes matching CP260(P).
The CP258 incorporates the same
features as the CP256, However this
unit is designed to work with the
Mitsubishi V6 – Early-Mid 1990’s.
CP250 (P)
Emulator for Holden (Isuzu) Rodeo V6 3.2 Litre 1998 Onwards.

This Emulator module enables the vehicle to run on L.P.GAS without the ECM light illuminating. I.e. Logging and injector code problem in the ECM. However, the ECM light will continue to function under normal operation of the vehicle.
CP260(P) – PETROL SIDE H/UP – VZ 3.6ltr V6(See CP202 Below) & Rodeo 3.6ltr V6

CP202 – Combined Injector and O2 Sensor Emulator
Holden VZ Commodore 3.6ltr V6 04’-06’

The CP202 is a combination Injector and O2 Sensor Emulator.  The unit is designed to eliminate fault codes logged by the Vehicles OEM ECU while the vehicle is running on LPGas.  It should be noted that the ECU will still log and indicate a Fault Code where there is a problem with the vehicle or a sensor, separate to the LPG system.

Features –
-  Injector Emulation
-  Injector Cut Relays
-  OEM Connector for Injectors
-  O2 Sensor Emulation
-  O2 Sensor Relay ‘Cut’
-  Built in Petrol Start, adjustable (will reduce Petrol Start based on time engines off)

CP256 Injector Emulator

The CP256 has been designed to emulate the fuel injectors pulse to the vehicles computer while running on LPG. Also incorporating a single 'injector cut' relay with normally closed contact to run on petrol when no power from '12V Gas Switch' terminal on the unit. The CP256 is a universal unit that may be used on various vehicles, however the unit is mainly designed to work with late model Mitsubishi 4cyl. And 6cyl. (1999 - on). The single 'injector cut' relay is used to cut into the power source wire for the injectors.

The CP256 will suit the following vehicles –
Mitsubishi Magna (All models 1999 – on)
Mitsubishi Pajero (All models 1999 - on)
Mitsubishi Triton (All models 1999 - on)
Mitsubishi L400 Van (Late Model on)
Jeep (All models except OBDII)
The CP256 has the capacity to drive multiple injectors i.e. 4,6 and 8.