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LPG Electronics

Safety Switches

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CP30 Safety Switch

Our safety switch incorporates automotive type relay (not cheaper switching transistors) specifically suited to high current loads e.g. multiple lock off’s.  Unit is able to detect light engine tachometric pulses. Moulded box designed for ease of mounting, neater appearance, terminals and circuitry are water resistant. Offers many years of reliable operation, with many thousands of vehicles proving the products 'ruggedness'.

The CP342 features a dual pattern petrol start allowing for COLD and HOT petrol assist settings.  It also incorporates a ‘crank lock out’ facility in addition to internal relays for injector cut out, fuel pump isolation and fuel gauge interface. This unit is developed to provide Petrol Start Operation on Crank rather than Ignition.
Incorporates several features, Changeover switch (Rocker), Safety Switch, One injector cut relay, interfacing relay for dash gauge and Petrol start. Indicator led’s for petrol, gas and safety switch.