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Cellar Detectors

(Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen)

The main unit has two sets of internal relay contacts (one CO2 & one O2) which close in the event of an alarm. These contacts can be adjusted in any combination to suit customer requirements. (ie. Two O2, two CO2, Zone 1 & Zone 2, or Normally closed contacts). These contacts can be used for triggering external alarms, extraction fans, data logging etc.

The Unit comes standard with a remote repeater/mimic unit which acts as an external global indicator. The repeater shows the monitoring status for both gases, ie. SAFE or ALARM(audible and visual). The repeater comes standard with a 10M Lead however on request can be up to 50M.

The Detector has the capability of running a second remote CO2 & O2 which are plug and play on 10M Leads. The main unit will detect these remote units on startup.   

Both the main unit & remote sensors have multi-meter voltage test points and test switches these are to be used for calibration/system checks or data logging.

There is battery back up so in the event of power loss the unit will operate for a minimum of 10-24hrs depending on how many sensors are connected. As per Australian Standards.

The unit is available in any combination of the following Sensors:
-Local:                     -1xCO2-Carbon Dioxide
-Remote:                 -1xCO2-Carbon Dioxide

-Portable units are also available for Personal attachment in CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and              O2 (Oxygen) or Separate.

The Model CPO2CO2 is a Confined Space Detector which offers continual monitoring of both Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen. The detector is an indicative unit & can be understood without any training (ie. STAY or GO).
The Carbon Dioxide CO2 has two excess alarm levels: +1.5% and +3% above free air of 0.034%

The Oxygen O2 has excess and deficiency alarm levels: +1.5% and -1.5% above and below free air of 21%.

All alarms are both audible and visual.


Suited for compliance of AS5034


Are you complying with OHS Regulation AS5034?

•  Do you have a Cellar Detector fitted for CO2 – Carbon Dioxide monitoring?

•  Do you have a current CO2 detector that requires COSTLY CALIBRATION and can’t find good local service and backup?

SOLUTION:  Install an ‘Australian Made and Designed’  Peel Carbon Dioxide  Detector (optional Oxygen sensor) for Safety, Regulation, Insurance and ‘peace of mind’, providing a safe environment  where Carbon Dioxide (and Nitrogen) is being used in cellars in Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Wineries.  Our units do not require re-calibration and comes standard with Battery Backup and ‘Entrance Door Repeater Box’.

The Peel CO2 Detector

Model No. CP-CPO2

(1 and 2 Sensor Units and other variations are also available. Contact for further information.)

This system has been designed for Cellar CO2 Monitoring and regulation, however can be used for many different industries such as Cold Storage and Marine Vessels.  The unit detects a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) leak and alarms visually and audibly.  Also, if Nitrogen is stored, and leaks, this can ‘purge’ Oxygen from the room creating a Deficiency, we can also detect Oxygen ‘Safe’ levels (option).  The unit detects and alarms at 1.5% - Low and 3.0%  - High of CO2.  Oxygen – 19.5% -Low and 22.5% - High.  The unit can be optioned with 2 x CO2 sensors and 2 x O2 sensors for multiple rooms or multiple repeaters.  Also, the unit has the provision to activate external alarms, strobe lights and blowers. NO Calibration required…..lower costs…..

The Peel Gas Detectors are designed, engineered and manufactured here locally in Australia… Australian industry and jobs…..