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Other LPG Products
The Relays have ‘specific’ protection for the
LPG Industry offering very high reliability.
CP4 – 4 Pin  40Amp
CP5 – 5 Pin  40Amp
CP6 Time Delay Relay – Delay trigger time (i.e. delay of O2 signal to LPG Computer, allowing sensor to warm up)
Available in:  CP6    0-1 Min
CP6-4M   3-6 Min

The interfaces allow the original fuel gauge to be used as the LP Gas gauge.
CP94- Suits all Ford XD - XF Falcon.
CP95- Suits all VB - VT commodore, Nissan Skyline and Valiant.
CP96- Suits all EB falcon and onwards

CP64- Shows there is Fuel Gauge activity to the ECU on VZ-VE Commodore,
eliminating any check engine light.
CP68 Crank Lockout
The CP68 is designed to lockout the start function of the vehicle if the accelerator pedal is depressed eliminating backfiring.  The adjustment trimpot is provided to adjust TPS point where cranking will be locked out.  TPS adjustment range is common 0.5 Volts to 4.5 Volts.

Note:  It is recommended that crank wire hookup be through low current signal/trigger wire from vehicles PCM (computer) to starter relay on most vehicles.
CP16  Timed Relay operated power off circuit
Shuts down power when ignition is turned off and changeover switch on Gas, for approx. 20 seconds. (i.e. Resetting ECU only when on Gas)

CP20 O2 Emulator

Emulates Oxygen sensor signal to existing vehicles PCM.
Oscillates square wave Voltage from approx. 0.3Volts – 0.8Volts,
providing an average of approx 0.5Volts
Changeover Switch Adaptor For Pulse Switch
· CP24 – Adapts existing switch in vehicle i.e. Sub Tank switch in GU Patrol, to operate as normal function changeover switch, Pulse converted to constant voltage output.
CP43  TPS Enrichment – Supplied by impco fuel systems nsw  
Open Circuits Vacuum Valve, enriching the system when rapid increase in Throttle position is detected via the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Suits Impco Style Processor

The CP342 Function Controller is an upgrade (more features)
replacement for the IMPCO IFC103A.
The CP342 features a dual pattern petrol start allowing for COLD and HOT petrol assist settings.  It also incorporates a ‘crank lock out’ facility in addition to internal relays for injector cut out, fuel pump isolation and fuel gauge interface. This unit is developed to provide Petrol Start Operation on Crank rather than Ignition.
Cold Start & Hot Start Modes:
If the engine is started on LPG and run for less than 30 seconds the module will revert to the COLD start mode for the next start.
If the engine is started on LPG and run for more than 30 seconds the module will then start in the HOT start mode unless the engine has been switched off for 2 hours or more in which case the module will revert to the COLD start mode.
DP200 O2 Meter - for ‘Narrow Band Sensors i.e. 0.2V-0.9V’

- Indicates the operating efficiency of the engine and the fuel processor
- Green indicator when in centre indicates a running state with the ideal  
 air fuel ratio (Lambda=1)
- Higher indicates a richer running condition. A lower indicator indicates a
 leaner running condition

DP400 Combination Duty Cycle Meter and 02 Sensor Meter

In Automotive and electronics, the duty cycle is the fraction of time that a system is in an “active” state. Duty cycle is the proportion of time during which a component, device, or in LPG application, the 3 way valve found on ‘Air Valve Systems’ is On. This is displayed in Large Blue numerals on the DP400 in percentage terms of 0% - 99%.
The 02 Sensor operation is displayed on the above DP200
-Ideal for Tuning ‘American’ Style LPG Equipment
CP7 (3P) Miniature Rocker switch available in 2 position (2P) or 3 position (3P). Dual coloured led, Green – Gas, Orange – Petrol, with clear print for selected fuel. Waterproof dust cover also available on request.
Operation and Functions:

The CP3000 enables the user to simulate a vehicles outputs for Injection ECU reference input (‘hence a vehicle in a case’).  All outputs are adjustable.  The user will be able to test different types of Injection ECU’s for Faults or suspected Faults.  Easy fitting connectors (‘Banana Plugs’) are attached, the user will be required to make their own ‘Patch’ Harness to suit the ECU’s connector.  

-  The Tachometer switch in the ON position activates all selected injectors ( eg 4,6,8 ).
   In the OFF position the green led indicates that 0 to 5 V DC is still available at the LPG       
   pressure, Temperature and E.Temp. V outputs.

-  Each injector is protected for inductive loads and can source 60mA / sink 300mA.

  Green variable Tachometer             5 - 50 Hz        300 to 3000 RPM
  Red variable injectors time             18- 2 ms          active LOW

-  Cylinder to injector selections :
 8= all on
 4 = 1,3,5,7 on
 6 = 1,2,3  5,6,7 on

-  Green and Red variable control positions:
  The Green and Red controls are independent of each other.
  To calibrate and provide a starting point the tachometer and injector signals are set to     
  deliver 5 Hz with 18 ms at the start position ( left ) and 50 Hz with 2 ms at full scale.( right ).

-  Yellow terminals ( V )
  Adjustable 0 to 5 V DC @ 40mA signal sources for LPG Pressure and LPG Temperature.

-  Blue Terminals ( R )
  R.Level  variable          0 to 220 ohm  or  switched off
  R.Temp  variable         200 to 4000 ohms
  The Engine temperature and LPG level resistors are floating
and can be grounded as needed.

When ET switch is selected the E.Temp ( 0 to 5 V ) is available between
any blue R.Temp. terminals and one of the black GND ground terminals.

All the black GND terminals are common.
The instrument is powered by a CP3000 external regulated 12 v DC power supply.
DP02 Tuning & Diagnostic Lambda Tool

The Peel DP02 is an extremely useful tuning and diagnostic tool. It utilizes the output from a high quality 4 wire (heated element) oxygen sensor mounted in a 'sturdy' exhaust mount to display a led graph of 10 x leds, in an attractive case, the exhaust gas content from an engine

A 4 wire sensor is used because of its higher signal quality and stability, having both a heated element, for instant signal and a separate signal earth for stable output.

The Led graph shows a 'Lean Out' situation (far left of graph), 'Rich' (far right of graph) and 'Lambda' (centre of graph) on a graduating scale. Supplied complete with -
· Full Loom from engine bay, 12V hookup to in-car meter to exhaust mount
· Meter with 10 bar led display
· 4 wire oxygen sensor
· Exhaust mount with handle and screw attachment
· Full 12 month warranty
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