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Marine Gas Detectors

Combustible Gas Detection Systems For Marine Craft

K1. Introduction

This Appendix details the minimum requirements for a combustible gas detection system, which is to be installed in a marine craft where Clause applies.

K2. Gas Detection System
The gas detection system shall comply with all of the following:

(a) Be suitable for the marine environment.

(b) Be waterproof, resistant to corrosion and the entry of dust

(c) Be capable of continuous operation from a low voltage source (i.e. wired direct to a battery) and indicate the operational status within 30 seconds of power being supplied.

(d) Have at least two outlets for connection of external equipment (eg. gas solenoid valve, audible alarm, bilge blower etc.)

(e) Activate the alarm function and cause a solenoid valve to close off the gas supply whenever the concentration of LP Gas in air exceeds 25% of the lower explosive limit.

(f) Have a latching system, which continues to indicate an alarm condition until cancelled.

(g) Be self-checking and indicate both normal and fault conditions

(h) Have fully serviceable units and be supplied with full installation and operating instructions.

(i) All switches are to indicate their operational position. This indication is to be permanently marked.

(J) Markings on the fascia of the unit, including the manufacturer's name and address, are to be permanent.
Model: 04/02/12V 2Sensor Survey

Suitable for Boiler Rooms, Boats, Caravans, Dyno Pits.
Model: 04/01/12V 1Sensor Survey

Suitable for Lube pit, Boiler room, Bilge Blower, Science room, meat cool rooms.
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Model 04/OG 12V

Suitable for Motor Home, Caravan,etc.
Model 04-0G 240V
Sensor in case, Audible and visual alarm
Suitable for Household, Factory, Workshop etc.
CP 86
Sensor to suit gas detectors. Pre-calibrated.